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Israeli troops move into Gaza

Israeli troops move into Gaza

Zionists do not see a tree in a forest and they deserve gas chamber!

--- In freeamericanow@yahoogroups.com, "bruceksim" wrote:You should not drink alcohol!! It is a proven fact that arab/muslim men cannot metabolise alcohol!! It drives them silly!! and you are proof. Cheers Bruce

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Re: Israeli troops move into Gaza

Yes Bruce, Hitler did the right thing! He rounded up those disgusting pest and vermin of the world to save them from extinction. Unfortunately, some of them converted to Christianity and to prove their Germaneness, they tortured their own lot more than anybody else! However, today, children of that ungrateful bunch have converted the wonderful effort of Adolph to a `Milking Cow' called holocaust. What a pathetic bunch!

--- In freeamericanow@yahoogroups.com, "bruceksim" wrote: Thank goodness somone has had the balls to go in there and stop these halfwits from slaughtering each other!! Once again the jews go to the aid of their arab/muslim neighbours!!
Got me beat why they bother though!! Cheers Bruce

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Zionist Israel, Zionised USA and UK assisted earlier to create Hamas and then supported and financed it to undermine the PLO (Fathah)!

Now they are doing everything to undermine Hamas to destroy democracy and forcing the PLO to organized a civil war in Palestine to destroy the whole nation again. We have warned about this conspiracy in the past. We are not surprised by this conspiracy. However, I am surprised by the Media and governments' carefully crafted ignorance and shameful silence. I suppose they are under Zionists feet and lost and lost their conscience.

Surely Israeli Holocaust, Holocaust continuum, The Iron Wall, A list of UN Resolutions against "Israel" and The Holocaust as political asset are the real issues. Iraq pullout would hurt Israel, Iraq Was Invaded to Secure Israel and the Middle East Formula for Peace along with The Green Zone Follies are a few good examples to prove "Who control America"? Obviously, the answer is Israelis control America and these are only a few good examples to pin point the undeniable fact who really controls America and why the poor Americans are dying like dogs and cats for Israel!mamubhi

Israeli troops move into Gaza
By Jacques Pinto in Jerusalem
June 18, 2007 12:16am
Article from: Agence France-Presse
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ISRAEL has sent troops into northern Gaza and cut petrol supplies to the territory in a move to isolate the Islamic militants of Hamas who have seized full control.

Deputy Defence Minister Ephraim Sneh said that the incursion into areas of the Gaza Strip was not part of an offensive.

"These are activities of a preventive character, for the moment we are not going on the offensive in the Gaza Strip," Mr Sneh told public radio.

Israel has also pledged to support moderate Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas, whose power is now effectively confined to the occupied West Bank territory.

The Gaza Strip's sole provider of petrol, Israeli firm Dor Alon, has halted deliveries to the area, raising fears of a humanitarian crisis in the import-dependent territory.

Israel has insisted the company cut supplies at the request of Mr Abbas's Government, he the President's aides have vigorously denied the charge.

"On Friday, Palestinian Authority representatives asked the company not to deliver petrol for the time being," an Israeli ministry said in a statement.
Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erakat retorted that the reverse was the case.

"I received an order from President Abbas to ask the Israeli side to continue delivering everything to Gaza – fuel, food, electricity. I contacted the Israeli side and they told me they would study the request," Mr Erakat said.

Israeli Infrastructure Minister Benjamin Ben Eliezer is due to hold a meeting on Wednesday to discuss the continuation of fuel, electricity and water supplies to Gaza.

"I don't think the Gaza Strip will survive from a humanitarian perspective for more than a month if Israel does not open the lid," the minister acknowledged on Saturday.

Israel shut all border crossings to Gaza after Hamas took control of the territory on Thursday night, effectively sealing the impoverished area off from the outside world.

A senior official travelling with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on a visit to the US insisted that Israel would ensure the delivery of essential supplies.
"There will not be a humanitarian crisis in Gaza," the official said.

Mr Olmert said before leaving that Israel would cooperate with Mr Abbas's new emergency cabinet headed by Western-backed economist Salam Fayyad.
"A Palestinian government which is not a Hamas government is a partner and we will cooperate with it," he said.

"A new reality has been created during these past days which we haven't known during the long diplomatic efforts accompanying the evolution of the Palestinian Authority, and we have the intention of working full-tilt to seize this opportunity."

Source: Free America Now

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