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Israel: what might have been

Israel: what might have been

Really? What do you say about them?

Mishnah: A girl of the age of 3 years and a day may be betrothed, subject to her father's approval, by sexual intercourse.

Gemara: Our Rabbis taught: 'A girl of the age of 3 years may be betrothed by sexual intercourse.' "

"Rabbi Joseph said, 'Come and hear. A maiden aged 3 years and a day may be acquired in marriage by coition.'

Disgusting Zio-Nazis deserve gas chamber.

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Why do you follow the cult of a paedophile!!?? Poor little Aisha!! Cheers Bruce

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Re: Israel: what might have been

If you don't have a "yahweh" then why the hell do you eat `Jewish'/Zionist shit all the time?

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I do not have a yahweh or any other god knucklehead. I see what religion has done to the ignorant muslims, jews, christians, hindus etc of this world and I don't need a bar of it!! Cheers Bruce

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So, considering your response, may I say, "where was your bloody `Yahwa' when Hitler went on to screw you lots backside for very good reasons and grounds"? Or are you telling us, the story of Hitler was another fake episode to generate support and produce ingredients to create Israel?

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It seems that allah does not agree with you knucklehead!! He keeps letting the jews kick your collective arses!! Cheers Bruce

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The Zionism is blight for mankind. Zionism must be destroyed.

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Re: Israel: what might have been

The Zionism is the real enemy of Judaism and worse then Nazism, Communism or any other dirty or filthy ideology existed in this world. Therefore, the Zionists must be prosecuted under the Nuremberg principle immediately.

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Re: Israel: what might have been

Thanks for your truthful article. Many good Jewish friends of mine are worried about their future due to Zionist war crimes and genocides continuum.

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Uganda, Mexico, the US: just a few of the countries originally considered as sites for the Jewish state. By nicholas shakespeare

I don't think Israel will exist in 60 years." So a Jewish friend admitted this summer. It was midnight in Cumbria and we were scanning a disused railway track for glow-worms. Days before, Israeli tanks had trundled into Lebanon, bringing down on to their turrets the pillars of world opinion.

Glow-worms have died out in most places in England, surviving only on unimproved land. As my eyes strained to see a pulse of light, I was tempted into reflecting how the world might be had the Jewish people eschewed Palestine - and established their homeland in one of umpteen countries that were also considered.

In 1891, a Polish group, The Lovers of Zion, proposed an autonomous Jewish state in Argentina. Twelve years later, Theodore Hertzel, the father of Zionism, rejected the British Government's suggestion of Kenya, but warmed to their offer of 15,500 square kilometres in the Ugandan bush. The Seventh Zionist Congress turned this down.

Hertzel also considered Cyprus, the Sinai Peninsula and Madagascar. The 'Madagascar Plan' was endorsed by Goering in 1938 - although negotiations stalled with the French.

Inspired by Hertzel, the Jewish Territorial Organisation - and later the Freeland League - sponsored expeditions to sites as varied as Iraq, Canada, Ecuador, Angola, South Africa, Libya, Australia, Surinam and Mexico.

The most successful was the Galveston Scheme, attracting 9,300 Jews to Texas. In a 1937 plan supported by President Roosevelt, the US Interior Department proposed Alaska as a refuge for Jewish emigres. Least known, but typical, was the attempt to establish a Promised Land in west Tasmania.

The surveyor, Critchley Parker, died of starvation and exposure while mapping the remote site in 1938. "It is at Port Davey that I hope the Jewish settlement will begin", he wrote, his dream of a tranquil refuge as faint as the yellowish glimmer that I finally spotted that night in Cumbria.

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